What’s New for 2021

What's New for ProLab

Product Changes

  • We're reorganized the products around to give you a better understanding of all that we offer on ProLab.
    • New rebuilt product pages and images to give a more clearer understanding of what each product options are offered in a more user friendly interface.
    • Brand new Collections of Gallery Mounts, Canvases, Metal Prints, and Wood Prints.
    • Custom sizing now available for prints and mounting options. 
  • You can now order all Cards and Accordion Books in ROES web!  
    • Because these have been added into ROES Web, you can now order them with products from multiple categories. For example, if you wanted to order graduation announcement cards and a Gallery Mount of your graduate, you can do it all in one order! 
    • We have optimized our card offerings to give you better standard sizes.
    • Hard Cover Books, LayFlat Books, Print Books, and Wall Calendars will have to use ROES Desktop to order.
    • We are starting to sunset ROES Desktop and by the end of 2021, we will be discontinuing the application. We are hard at work with a new book building tool right in ROES Web so be on the look out for that coming in 2022!


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