Here at ProLab, we strive to bring you the best quality products with the easiest customer journey and experience. With that said, since we relaunched ProLab Express back in 2018, we’ve been hearing a lot of customer feedback and are ready to take the next step to bring that customer journey and experience across our website and ordering to the next stage.

Launching in the next coming weeks will be a refreshed ProLab with updated product pages and easier navigation to understand what each product offers in terms of options and features. There will be some changes happening with product offerings as well and we’ve posted notices with those products that will be discontinued once the refresh launches.

The biggest changes that will be happening are going to be ordering through ROES Web and ROES Desktop. We are bringing a few products that were only offered on ROES Desktop into ROES Web along with a few new customization features that were previously never offered before. Because we’re trying to move away from having you, the customer, go through the hassle to install a separate app to order certain products through, there will be some major changes on ROES Desktop.

Starting with the relaunch, ROES Desktop will only be offering products that are required to be ordered on there. Hard Cover Books, Layflat Books, Print Books (Proof Books,) and Wall Calendars are the only products that will be available to order on ROES Desktop going forward. That means the rest of the products in the catalog will be moving exclusively to ROES Web. Flat Cards (Announcements,) Folding Cards (Greeting Cards,) Business Cards, Posters, and Accordion Books will be available to order off of ROES Web.

Later this year, we will be announcing a sunset date for ROES Desktop. We are hard at work on bringing book ordering into ROES Web and it requires a bit more time before we launch the new book building tools. But going into 2022, ROES Desktop will be discontinued entirely to streamline the ordering experience for everyone.

Now the other change that will be happening as you may have noticed is the mentioning of the name. Starting with the relaunch, we will be going by the name ProLab and dropping the mentioning of “Express.” Express has sort of a “fast and low-quality” meaning behind it and as our customers are aware, we do not produce low-quality products. In order to show that quality level, “fast” really shouldn’t be part of the name anymore. It will still be used in the website URL and email address at the moment, but going forward, we will be calling ourselves “ProLab.” Let’s just say much further down the road, we may not even call ourselves “ProLab…”

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