Simple Prints


A new and exciting way to order prints! As the name states, these Simple Prints are just that, simple photographic prints with no frills or extra gimmicks.

Printed on a fine 100lb semi-gloss paper using a new digital print technology currently exclusive to ProLab that can replicate the sRGB spectrum using no harsh chemicals or liquid inks! These prints are engineered to be long lasting and are highly fade resistant.

Pricing is "by the sheet" to help keep your cost consistent and simple.

  • Keep all text .25” away from outside edges otherwise cropping may occur.
  • Due to the cutting process for these prints, borders are not recommended and will be irregular after cutting if present.
  • Size your file(s) at 100% size, 300 ppi
  • Save your file as a level 12 JPG, in sRGB color space
  • File names can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. Spaces and special characters will not allow your file to process.
  • Remakes for this product are limited and no guarantee on color matching.

* Shipping charges will vary depending on quantities.

Simple Prints come in a variety of sizes and quantities per sheet.

  • Prints will be cut out from the full sheet to their individual images at size. Mixing of sizes per sheet is not available.  
  • Templates are simple drag and drop formats and will always charge "by the sheet," not by the image. Standard print texturizing options are available for a nominal fee.
  • Offers true black and white image printing automatically if the image is in black and white.
  • No color or image correction available as these are an "as is" product to keep costs low. Color matching between other print products such as the Digital Photographic Prints is not guaranteed.
  • Due to this advanced print technology, there might be a slight texture to the prints between light and dark transitions in the image. This is normal.

Price Per Sheet - $10.00

 Sizes and Quantities

Wallets - 12 prints per sheet
4x5 - 6 prints per sheet
4x6 - 4 prints per sheet
5x5 - 6 prints per sheet
5x7 - 4 prints per sheet
8x10 - 2 prints per sheet


Monday – Friday
8:30am to 5:00pm