Mini Gallery Mounts


The same Gallery Mounts you know and love, just in a smaller form factor! These Mini Gallery Mounts have the same options available as 3/8" Gallery Mounts except they offer more display versatility such as sitting it on your desk with an easel or sticking it to your fridge with a magnet!

File & Print Information

  • Keep all text .25” away from outside edges
  • Border designs need to be at least .5″ from edge (1″ looks best)
  • Size your file(s) at 100% size, 300 ppi
  • Save your file as a level 12 JPG, in sRGB color space
  • File names can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. Spaces and special characters will not allow your file to process.

* Shipping charges will vary depending on sizes and quantities.

Gallery Mounts offer many different options to choose from for looks and style. Look through the drop down menus below to find a combination that matches your desired style.

Paper Options

  • Lustre
  • Glossy
  • Metallic*
  • Canvas*

Laminate Options

  • Semi-matte
  • Semi-gloss


  • Linen*
  • Pebble*
  • Embassy*

Edge Foil Colors

  • Black
  • White

Display Options

  • Keyhole (standard)
  • Shadow Mount Backer* - 3/16" foam backer with the option for a hanger or a magnet.
  • Magnet*
  • Easel*
  • No Backer

Art & Color Correction*

  • Color Correction – Images are corrected for color and density to a neutral pleasing appearance.

  • For more image manipulation and correction options, please contact customer service for pricing.

* Additional charges for these options

Pricing based on Lustre and Glossy papers. Additional papers, canvas, coatings, color correction, art correction, and mounting options available. See options and additional pricing when ordering your Gallery Mount.

DimensionsPriceAdd Shadow Back, Magnet or Easel


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