Message to our Customers

A message to our Customers

We understand the frustration some customers have been having with our customer account access currently not working since we have moved back at the beginning of this year. This was an unforeseen issue that we did not expect. We deeply apologize for this and have been working on getting customer access to this system back as soon as we can. We have been receiving multiple calls and emails asking about this and some other issues concerning our system and would like to put here an update on where everything stands.

    • We still have access to the customer account portal here at ProLab. If there is any information you need such as tax information or order history, please email customer service at and we will get this information for you.
    • Account access is not required to place an order. We use your email address to tie orders to your account so using the same email when you order will allow us to make sure your order is attached to it. Those that have filed taxed exempt status with us, please make sure you are using the correct ordering system as a link to it was sent to you after your tax exempt status was accepted. If you do not have access to this link, please contact customer service and we will give you access to that ordering system.
    • Due to these system issues, templates such as ones for Canvas Wraps and Photo Wraps are currently not visible on ROES Web ordering. If you submit your order using the instructions provided on the product page, they will still produce correctly. If you have any questions regarding if an image will come out correctly with cropping, email customer service with any questions you may have.
    • We have discovered an issue with Gmail emails not receiving order confirmations and shipping notifications. We have discovered this is due to a potential anti-spam feature that was added into Gmail systems and is blocking some emails from being sent. If you have not received your order confirmation, please check all filtered folders such as the promotions tab and junk folders in your Gmail email account to confirm that the email is not in there. If you do not receive an order confirmation within 24-hours or a shipping confirmation within 5 business days, please contact customer service so we can diagnose the issue.
    • We have heard several of you about discontinuing certain print sizes and a solution will be releasing very soon. You will be able to order a variety of smaller print sizes again. And yes, this does include wallet sized prints!

Please stay tuned for any further update and announcements. Keep an eye on our social medias for the latest news and info as well. We have some exciting new products and features coming throughout the rest of 2022 and we cannot wait for our customers to see them! Thank you all for your support!

- The ProLab Team


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ProLab will be closed Friday, September 30th. Customer Service and Pick-ups will be unavailable.