The color of my prints look off from what I saw on my monitor, what do I do to fix this?

We highly recommend using a monitor calibration kit to get the best output for your prints. We recommend devices from Calibrite or Datacolor. You can find these in most computer stores or online at Amazon or B&H Photo by searching "monitor calibration devices."

If you do not have access to a kit, Windows and macOS has built-in calibration software to help. The manual adjustments do not guarantee  that the display is color accurate, but it can be used as a good starting point.

  • Go to Start -> PC Settings -> System -> Display.
  • Scroll down to "Advance Display Settings" and click on it.
  • Click on "Display Adapter Properties"
  • Select the "Color Management" tab and click on the "Color Management..." button.
  • Go to the "Advance" tab and click on the "Calibrate Display" button near the bottom.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to calibrate your display properly.

If you're using a MacBook or iMac, use the best profile for the factory display. Those using a Mac Mini, Mac Pro, or Mac Studio, make sure to calibrate your external display.

  • Go to System Preferences -> Display -> Color
  • Make sure "Color LCD" or "Display P3" is selected.
  • "Display P3" will only be available to newer Mac systems available after 2016.
  • Make sure "Night Shift" is shut off, otherwise it could cause a warmer or cooler cast to appear on your display during the day/evenings.
  • External monitors will need to be calibrated to match using either the built-in software under the "Color" tab or by a calibration kit.

How do I order on the ProLab website?

When you click the "Order Now" button on the product pages, it will take you to our ROES Web ordering catalog for that product. The ROES Web catalog may also be accessed via the cart button in the top right of the web page. To pick your images, you may drag them onto the bar at the bottom of the page that says "Click or Drop Images Here" then once they are uploaded, click and drag the image you want onto the blank product window, crop and rotate your image as needed, select your options, then add it to your cart. You may add as many products as you want to your cart.

ROES Web (ProlabExpress website ordering):

  • Runs within your browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari.
  • Mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones are compatible with ROES Web so you may order on those devices as well. 
  • Files are limited to 100 per load, can load multiple sets of 100.
  • A single folder of images can be loaded.
  • The software remembers folder of images (As long as browser remains open).
  • Products from multiple catalogs can be ordered together.
  • Credit card ordering only.

Where is your login system to view previous orders?

Due to security reasons, we had to discontinue our previous login and order tracking system. We are working diligently on a new, updated system. You may still know the status of your order by using the "Contact Us" page and submitting your question. Please include the email used with the order and the ROES order number when you submit your question.

Is an order minimum required?

No order minimum is required. Shipping charges have been modified to better reflect shipping costs, thus making the order minimum no longer necessary.

What happened to the tax exempt version of ROES Web?

To help streamline our catalogs, we have moved the tax exempt options to the main catalog and you now pick your tax exempt option for shipping. You must have your tax exempt paperwork on file in order to use those options in Michigan. If you do not, your order will be cancelled.

Does ProLab Express provide a drop ship option?

Yes, you can find the drop ship option in the shopping cart.

Can I upgrade my shipping?

Yes, when you check out, you can now select 2-day shipping. If you need it expedited faster for overnight delivery, please contact customer service.

Why is Standard Shipping more expensive than Expedited Shipping for some products?

Due to shipping rates from various carriers, larger products cost more to ship via slower carriers than it is to ship using carriers with faster shipping time. We have priced our shipping methods to reflect this.



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