Where do I download the ROES Desktop App?

Click here to download the ROES Desktop App.


What is the difference between ordering through the website or ordering with the ROES desktop application?

ROES Desktop:

  • Downloaded and installed on your computer as an application.
  • No file limitation (can upload and view more than 100 images at a time).
  • Multiple folders of images can be loaded at once.
  • The software remembers the last folder(s) of images that were loaded.
  • Ability to save orders, carts, and re-open previously uploaded orders.
  • Designer tools are available.
  • Image file names are viewable in the cart.
  • Books and press products are available.
  • Cannot order products from multiple catalogs.


ROES Web (ProlabExpress website ordering):

  • Runs within your browser.
  • Files are limited to 100 per load, can load multiple sets of 100.
  • A single folder of images can be loaded.
  • The software remembers folder of images (As long as browser remains open).
  • Products from multiple catalogs can be ordered together.
  • Credit card ordering only.


I’m having issues with ROES on a Mac. What can I do?

Please click here to download instructions for Mac OS 10 or earlier.

Please click here to download instructions for Mac OS 11 or later.


Why does my order default to $15?

We offer free shipping on all items up to 16″ x 20″. To accommodate for this feature, ProLab Express has a minimum order amount of $15. If your order is less than $15, the cart will add the difference to total $15.


Does ProLab Express provide a drop ship option?

Yes, you can find the drop ship option in the shopping cart.


Can I upgrade my shipping?

Yes, please send us an email at with your order number and expected delivery date. We will get back to you with available options.


Where is GRI (Grand River Imaging) Event Publishing?

GRI is an outdated system that may be replaced in the future.



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