Photographic Digital Prints


The next generation of printing photographic images!

Using an impressive 12-ink system, our Digital Photographic Prints are no slouch when it comes to bright colors or high contrast true black and whites. Even matte offeres a deeper black than before thanks to a matte-exclusive black ink. We use professional premium resin coated papers from Red River and Breathing Color meaning you're getting high quality papers that will last. 

  • Keep all text .25” away from outside edges
  • Border designs need to be at least .5″ from trim (1″ looks best)
  • Size your file(s) at 100% size, 300 ppi
  • Save your file as a level 12 JPG, in sRGB color space
  • File names can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. Spaces and special characters will not allow your file to process.

Shipping charges will vary depending on sizes and quantities. Prints 16x20 and larger will ship rolled to accommodate shipping charges unless "Pack Print Flat" is chosen at ordering.

With Photographic Digital Prints, you can order prints individually, or add mounting options. Custom sizes available to order.

Triple-Weight Art Board*

This heavy weight mat board (thicker than Double-Weight) is an economical option for mounting prints.

6mm Sintra

6mm is a more rigid substrate and is often displayed as a stand-alone piece. 


Styrene, available in black or white, is one of the best all around mounting substrates available. At .080″ thick, this product provides a smooth plastic surface ideal for mounting prints 16×20 and smaller.

1/8″ Masonite

1/8″ Masonite is another premium yet economical mounting solution. Masonite has a smooth mounting surface and is tempered for extreme durability. This material provides an upscale mounting option at an affordable price.

3/16″ Foam Board

3/16″ Foam Board provides a rigid, hard surface ideal for mounting prints. Available in both black and white. Our Foam Board is 100% recyclable.

1/2″ and 1″ Gatorfoam®

Offered in black, 1/2″ or 1″ Gatorfoam® is perfect for adding dimension to your work. This product is used frequently as a substitute for traditional framing. Hanging hooks available at an additional charge.

* Due to the nature of fiber based board, some warping can be expected. This substrate is recommended for smaller prints or framing.

  • Color Correction – Images are corrected for white balance and color to a neutral pleasing appearance. Does not adjust brightness/contrast.
  • Image Correction - Images are adjusted for brightness and contrast in the shadows and highlights.
  • Pack Prints Flat - $25 - This is to cover additional packaging for larger prints to be made flat for shipping or pickup.

* Additional charges for these options

Pricing based on photo paper material. Additional color correction and mounting options available. See options and additional pricing when ordering your Photographic Digital Prints. Shipping charges will vary depending on sizes and quantities. Paper types between manufactures are similar with minute differences, but are selected depending on manufacturer stock.

Print SizeRed River or Breathing Color
Pro Satin / Pro Gloss Paper (68lb) / Polar Matte (60lb)
Red River or Breathing Color
Gloss / Lustre Metallic Paper (66lb)
Custom sized prints from 4x8 to 40x60 in .5 inch increments are available for all paper types.


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